About Us

Originally formed as the Indian Military Collectors' Society in 1983, we became the Indian Military Historical Society in 1993.

The IMHS was formed in 1983 to bring together those interested in the military history of the Indian Subcontinent and to encourage research and the exchange of information. This covers a broad spectrum ranging from aspects of general military history, to specific battles or campaigns, to the history of Service units engaged in India, including details of uniforms, medals, badges, buttons and other militaria.

The Society defines Service units as:-
  • Units of the Honourable East India Company's Army and Marine prior to 1861
  • Indian Army subsequent to 1861, including European Volunteer Corps up to 1947
  • Royal Indian Marine, Royal Indian Navy, and Royal Indian Air Force
  • Army of Nepal and those of the Indian Princely States
  • Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force units when serving in India.
  • To a more limited extent, the present day Armed Services of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, including Frontier Corps, Para Military and Police units.

    The Society publishes its journal "DURBAR" four times a year and has a geographically broad-based membership in the UK, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Pakistan, and several European countries.