Beyond Perkins

Beyond Perkins
Many readers will be familiar with the outstanding REGIMENTS - Regiments and Corps of the British Empire and Commonwealth 1758-1993 - A Critical Bibliography and their Published Histories (ISBN 0 9506429 3 2). Edited and published by our former member Roger Perkins, the book drew on the reporting of nearly two hundred people, contains some 2,000 entries, each having a technical description of the book's construction and bibliographic features, a narrative description of its contents, and a group of footnote symbols to denote its rarity and value as a research tool, and the name of at least one major library where it can be found. It was arranged in geographical sections with a large section (174 pages) devoted to the Indian subcontinent.

Since its publication in 1994 there have been a number of new regimental histories published, both in India and Pakistan. With the full agreement of Roger Perkins this section seeks to identify and report on those new histories, following wherever possible the format of REGIMENTS. This will be a continuing project with new titles added on a regular basis as they are brought to our notice. Members of the Society, as well as other users of this site, are invited to forward details of such books.

Books writen by members of IMHS

Tom Donovan Editions

Tom Donovan Editions

- Cliff Parrett and Rana Chhina

INDIAN ORDER OF MERIT - Historical Records 1837-1947. Volume One 1837-1860

ISBN 978-1-905968-04-6

916pp., illus., appendices, notes, index, folding map in rear pocket, slipcase. £145.

- Cliff Parrett and Rana Chhina

INDIAN ORDER OF MERIT - Historical Records 1837-1947. Volume Two - Military Division 1861-1911; Volume Three - Civil Division 1902-1947

ISBN 978-1-9996737-0-3

Volume Two 844pp., Volume Three 110pp., illus., appendices, notes, index, slipcase. £175.

- Tim Ash MBE

THEY GAVE US EACH A MEDAL - The Collected Works of Captain Tim Ash, MBE

ISBN 978-1-905968-05-3

406pp., illus., folding map in rear pocket, slipcase. £75 plus postage.

- Alan Harfield and John Tamplin

THE AUXILIARY FORCE INDIA and its predecessors - Alan Harfield - with the Medal Roll of the Volunteer Long Service Medal (India) - John Tamplin

ISBN 978-1-905968-11-4

728pp., illus., maps, bibliography, index, slipcase. £120 plus postage.

- Simon Doherty and Tom Donovan

THE INDIAN CORPS ON THE WESTERN FRONT - A Handbook and Battlefield Guide

ISBN 978-1-905968-09-1

194pp., illus., maps, bibliography, index. Hardcopy out of print. Paperback £20 plus postage.

- Tom Donovan

IN MEMORIAM - A Bibliography of Personal Memorial Volumes of The Great War 1914-1918

ISBN 978-1-905968-03-9

390pp., illus., index. £75 plus postage.
Naval & Military Press

Naval & Militar Press

- Narinder Singh Dhesi


Volume 1 - Battle Honours ISBN 1-845748-91-3. £11.95

Volume 2 - Gallantry Awards ISBN 1-845749-05-7. £14.95

Volume 3 - Policing the Empire ISBN 978-1-78151-985-1. £16.00

Volume 4 - Warriors and Generals ISBN 978-1-78331-023-4. £14.50

Volume 5 - At War! ISBN 978-1-78331-126-2. £14.50

United Service Institution of India

United Service Institution of India

- Rana T.S. Chhina

THE EAGLE STRIKES - The Royal Indian Air Force at War 1932-1950

(2006) ISBN 81-903591-0-X

340pp., illus., maps, appendices, index.

THE INDIAN ARMY - An illustrated overview

(2007) ISBN 978-81-902097-6-2

255pp., illus.

LAST POST - Indian War Memorials Around the World

(2014) ISBN 978-81-902097-9-3.

230pp., illus., appendices.


(2014) ISBN 978-81-93-84695-00-2.

145pp., illus.

LES HINDOUS - The Indian Army on the Western Front 1914-1919

(2016) ISBN 978-93-84695-11-8.

pp148., illus.

FOR THE HONOUR OF INDIA: A History of Indian Peacekeeping

Nambiar, Lt Gen Satish with Dr Chandar Sundaram and Rana T.S. Chhina (ed)


- Other books by Rana T.S. Chhina not published by USII

The Indian Air Force Memorial Book

(1996) New Delhi: Air Headquarters.

The Indian Distinguished Service Medal

(2001) New Delhi: Invicta, ISBN 81-87642-00-9

359pp., illus, index, available from Secretary, IMHS £29.95 plus postage

Team 38: A History of 2 Dogra

(2008) Regimentally published

- Harry Fecitt, MBE TD

Sideshows of The Indian Army in World War I

(2017) ISBN 978-93-86457-24-0

331pp., illus., bibliography, index., INR;1,095.00

- Ashok Nath

IZZAT - Historical Records and Iconography of Indian Cavalry Regiments 1750-2007

(2009) ISBN 978-81-902097-7-9

828pp., illus., appendices, index.

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India

- Rana T.S. Chhina and Chandra Yashaswini (ed)

RIGHT OF THE LINE - The President's Bodyguard

(2015) ISBN 978-81-230-2003-7

227pp., illus., appendices.
Manohar Books
Manohar Books

- Edward S. Haynes and Rana T.S. Chhina


(2008) ISBN 978-81-7304-719-0

272pp., illus., appendices, index.

INR 2750

- Richard Head and Tony McClenaghan

THE MAHARAJAS' PALTANS - A History of the Indian State Forces (1888-1948)

(2013) ISBN 978-81-7304-888-3

1081pp. (boxed set of 2 books), illus., maps, appendices, index.

INR 8500 (Set)
The Military Press

The Military Press

- Chris Kempton

The Regiments & Corps of the H.E.I.C & Indian Armies. Volunteer Forces
ISBN 978-0-85420-363-5. Softback £23.99

′Loyalty & Honour′ The Indian Army September 1939 - August 1947 (2003)

Volume I Divisions. 160pp ISBN 0-85420-223-2 Hardback ISBN 0-85420-228-7 Softback

Volume II Brigades 100pp ISBN 0-85420-233-1 Hardback ISBN 0-85420-238-6 Softback

Volume III Higher Formations, Deployments etc. ISBN 0-85420-243-0 Hardback. ISBN 0-85420-248-5 Softback

Hardback £32.99 Per Volume. Softback £19.99 Per Volume

′Duty & Fidelity′ The Indian Army August 1914 - 1922 (2009)

Part I Divisions. ISBN 0-85420-406-9 Hardback ISBN 0-85420-408-3 Softback

Part II Brigades. ISBN 0-85420-411-3 Hardback ISBN 0-85420-415-1 Softback

Part III [Section I] Deployments ISBN 0-85420-419-9 Hardback ISBN 0-85420-421-2 Softback

1921/2 Reorganisation. ITF

Part III [Section 2] Maps ISBN 0-85420-424-3 Hardback ISBN 0-85420-426-7 Softback

Volumes I - III[Section I] Hardback £32.99. Softback £19.00 Per Volume Volume III [Section II] Hardback £37.99. Softback £29.00

The History Press

The History Press

- Barry Renfrew

WINGS OF EMPIRE - The Forgotten Wars of the Royal Air Force, 1919-1939

ISBN 978-0-7509 6507 1

288pp., illus., notes, index.

Terrier Press

Terrier Press

- Barry Renfrew, Margaret Renfrew, Bill Cranston

BRITISH COLONIAL BADGES - Military Insignia of the Land Forces of the Colonies, Protectorates and Dependencies

ISBN 978-0-9563175-1-3

239pp., illus., index.


- Barry Renfrew

FORGOTTEN REGIMENTS - Regular and Volunteer Units of the British Far East

ISBN 978-0-9563175-0-6

246pp., illus., notes, index.

Helion & Company

Helion & Company

- John H. Rumsby

DISCIPLINE, SYSTEM AND STYLE: The Sixteenth Lancers and British Soldiering in India 1822-1846

(2016) ISBN 978-1-909982-91-8


- Tony McClenaghan

FOR THE HONOUR OF MY HOUSE: The Contribution of the Indian Princely States to the First World War

(2019) ISBN 978-1-912390-87-8

352pp. illus., maps, index, plus two appendices placed on-line by the publisher


General Secretary

Michael McHenry and David Kellock

BADGES OF THE EMPIRE'S WAGGONERS - The Story of the Army Service Corps and Transport Corps told through their badges and insignia

(2014) ISBN 978-0-9558767-2-1

486pp. illus., annexes, index

Chris Kempton

FORCE K6, THE INDIAN CONTINGENT: RIASC Mule Companies in France and UK 1939-1944

(2014) ISBN 978-1-5272332-9-4

£20 plus P.P. avialable from the publisher - Chris Kempton -

Nath Foundations

- Ashok Nath


(2014) ISBN 978-91-637-7225-2


£75 plus postage
PRIVATELY PUBLISHED - D.R. Wood for the Trustees of the 2nd K.E.VII's Own Goorkhas (The Sirmoor Rifles) Regimental Trust

Gurkha Museum

- Colonel Denis R. Wood MBE


(2003) ISBN 0-9513285-1-4


available from The Gurkha Museum shop

Other Books of Possible Interest

In this section we list other books written by non-members of the Society that might be of interest.

As with the section BEYOND PERKINS this will be a continuing project with new titles added on a regular basis as they are brought to our notice. Members of the Society, as well as other users of this site, are invited to forward details of such books.